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Metro Boston    -    Air Pistol   -   PTO  


 RULES       Current USA Shooting International Pistol Rules to govern. These 
    matches  are registered with USA Shooting and are PTOs.                             

 SAFETY     All firearm safety practices will be observed. Failure to observe safety rules may be cause for disqualification.  Eye protection required.    

 ELIGIBILITY    All U.S. competitors must be individual members (Adult or Junior) of USA          Shooting. A membership application may be obtained at the range or from USA Shooting, One Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909. Foreign competitors must be members of their respective National Shooting Federations.

 CLASSIFICATION         Competitors must show a valid USA Shooting Classification or a validated score record book.  Statistical officer reserves the right to assign competitors pursuant to rule 5.6 (Unclassified competitors will shoot in the AA - class.

 Where:    Braintree Rifle & Pistol Club,  Liberty Street (rear), Braintree , MA 02185 – 0024 
                     (see for directions)

When:                                 Sunday,           October 2, 2005        March 5,2006                                                                     November 6, 2005    April 2,2006                                                                     December 4, 2005     May 7,2006                                                                      February 5, 2006

Relay Starting Times:             Relay 1 -             8:00 am
                                                  Relay 2 -           10:00 am
                                                  Relay 3 -            12:00 (optional-may be offered    -                                                                                only if 2 earlier relays are filled)

Registration fee:                      $20.00. 

How to Enter:    Email  See squadding at Http://

Match Director:  
Gerry Sverdlin, 617-847–6053 or e-mail  For directions to the range or visit our website at 
 $6.00 of your entry fee will be sent to USA Shooting with your scores.  Scores will be used for USA Shooting classification for all competitors and entry into the national ranking system roster.  If your membership is expired your scores will not be entered into the USA Shooting classification system.

COURSE OF FIRE    Air pistol competitors will shoot 3-shots / bull on the B-40/4 target.  Time will be 1 hour 45 minutes for 60 shots, with unlimited sighters.  Women’s match will be 1 hour 15 minutes for 40 shots with unlimited sighters.

AIR PISTOLS               Per current USA Shooting International Pistol Rules. It is the competitor’s responsibility to make sure that their pistol complies with the USA Shooting International Pistol Rules.  Equipment checks may be conducted prior to these competitions.

SCORING                      Competitors will score targets off line after the event.

CHALLENGES              A jury will be selected to rule on challenges.

 AWARDS                     Open in each match, 1st  in each class if three present and    shooting, 2nd  if five, 3rd if ten,etc.