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Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

Squadding for April 5, 2009
900 Center Fire Match
15 positions for each relay, 4 relays
To get a position email

We are looking for help for the noon relay

 First relay 8am            Home

Reserved for volunteer John Katinger John Hearson
Greg Derr Ron Hawkins Gary Shotz
Andy Kindamo Joe Kozac Bob Walsh
Bruce Hanson Joe T Joe Marshall
 Keith Ailes Jennifer Schunemann Mike Schunemann


CRO  Charlie McCarthy RO  Tom Potter RO  
Stat:   George Chan Stat:    

Second relay 10:00 am

Reserved for volunteer Franko Scarpino Robin Lalancette
Paul Lalancette Jack Foley Peter Gavin
Mike Joyce Peter Bianchini Charlie McCarthy
Bob Boutheliere George Chan Roger Whipple
Tom Potter Chuck Graul Bill Dutton


CRO  Bruce Hanson RO  John Hearson RO Joe T
Stat:  Jenifer Marchesi Stat:    

Third relay 12:00 noon

Reserved for volunteer Reserved for volunteer Matt McLaughlin
Steve Wallace John McNally Wayne Besaw
Jim Bailey Gregg Parker Steve Gaykan
Jim Poulette - -
- - -


CRO Joe T RO  Franko Scarpino RO Genevieve Turner
Stat: George Chan Stat: